Nostex is a small tech company based in Essex UK, founded by John Sexton in 2014.

About Me

I have a mixed background of music and web tech. Previously a mix DJ, started out with vinyl before moving to CDs and later experimented with DVS (digital vinyl systems). I worked for a London NHS for twelve years as a web developer before starting Nostex.

My web skills mostly lay with open-source tech like PHP, MYSQL, JavaScript, HTML & CSS. I’ve also worked with various frameworks like jQuery, Bootstrap & CodeIgniter. I’ve worked with XML, JSON and various APIs. I’m not a graphic designer on account of having very limited sight but have worked with SVG.

I have specialist experience with web accessibility and have a blog at www.abc4accessibility.com. I wrote the kindle book, Understanding Web Accessibility and People. I’m also an advercate of Braille and you can read a little on my site at www.braillemedia.co.uk.

More recently I have started working in sound design using virtual synths in Reason, the music software by Propellerheads. I also setup the Reason community website www.reasonremoter.uk, that offers information and downloads for the Reason MIDI control system called “Remote”.


Nostex have worked with many clients, helping people: build WordPress sites, learn to use WordPress with screen reader software, build custom web applications as well as audit and test websites for accessibility.

Some of these clients include:

  • ACT (Arts, Coaching & Training), offering tactile sensery cards, coaching and training services.
  • BTS (Braille Transcription Service), a Braille transcription service offering Braille transcribing and more.
  • Describe Online, a community service to help visually impared navigate public transport and public places.
  • MK Vinyl2CD, offering an audio transfer service, putting analogue cassette/vinyl on CD/USB sticks.
  • Userite, an accessibility specialist, offering website audits & help with web accessibility.


Nostex offers the following services:

  • Website builds, WordPress sites, ecommerse etc.
  • Website accessibility audits, site testing & accessibility guidance.
  • WordPress training, for both screen reader users and non screen reader users.
  • Web application development using various open-source platforms & frameworks.

As well as this, Nostex also manages the following community websites:


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